“To you who are parents, I say, show love to your children. You know you love them, but make certain they know it as well. They are so precious. Let them know. Call upon our Heavenly Father for help as you care for their needs each day and as you deal with the challenges which inevitably come with parenthood. You need more than your own wisdom in rearing them.”
Thomas S. Monson

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Joseph's Big Day, and Jacob's Too!

Our day started with Richard ordaining Jacob to the office of an Elder!  Brother Brown, a member of the Stake Presidency and Brother Becerril both came to our home to assist.  Along with the ordination, Richard gave Jacob a beautiful blessing.  I am so proud of him.  He is on his way to being able to serve a mission, which has been his goal for a long time now.

After that we headed right out to the Stake Center to have Joseph baptized.  Jacob baptized him and Richard conferred upon him the Holy Ghost.  Because Jacob had just been ordained an Elder, he was able to join in the confirmation. It was a touching experience.  It was sweet to see how serious Joseph was about it and to watch the understanding that was evident in his sweet little face.

After we drove up to the Temple to take some family photos.  It was a beautiful day here in Rexburg and the flowers were blooming beautifully!  Then Grandma Frederick took us to Fong's for lunch. Joseph got his favorite, sweet and sour chicken, and so did most of the rest of us!



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